The sustainable development will happen as long as our society realizes that we need to make a broad paradigm shift in our supply chains and consumption patterns. This process will dramatically change the way we produce, consume and dispose our resources.

To make this vision come true, WWF-Brazil operates on several fronts: we support the adoption of agroforestry systems in Permanent Preservation Areas (APP) and Legal Reserve (RL) for economic purposes. We take part in several networks dedicated to agroecology and organic production and we promote the sustainable production of amazonian products like rubber, Brazil nuts, açaí, cassava flour, guaraná e cupuaçu. We also developed pirarucu management projects – to maintai the fishermen’s income and the populations of this fish.

In the South of Amazonas, we are studying the possibilities of implementing projects based in Payment for Environmental Services, we support community-based tourism experiences, and set up solar energy supply projects for productive and economic purposes.