Our vision of future will not happen without the support of society – and without influencing national and local public policies.

We make a great effort to monitor and respond to bills, decrees, regulations and other legal provisions that may have negative impacts on traditional populations and natural areas. We maintain permanent contact with politicians from all parties sensitive to the environmental cause, so that they can influence processes in a technical, responsible and organized way. We work closely with a lot of governmental and civic institutions to keep our audiences informed and engaged about these issues.

In addition, we have also developed awareness campaigns that can alert people to the problems that threaten our existence today. Initiatives like #SomosAmazonia, Oceans without Plastic and Earth Hour mobilize organizations and citizens across Brazil every year. We maintain a permanent dialogue with the general and specialized press, and we offer workshops and courses to training journalists in covering the social and environmental issues with a responsible approach. In our social networks – where we have just over 990,000 followers in different platforms- we publish texts, videos and fotos that expose our works and initiatives and bring reliable and qualified information about the Amazon biome.


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