He makes a living from fishing. Resident in the municipality of Feijó, in Acre, he has more than 30 years of experience in his profession which he learned from his grandfather who, according to him, “is the best pirarucu fisher in the region”. Still a child he learned to identify each fish species, know where these live and reproduce, and handle the best tools to the work.

These are valuable lessons learned from the traditional knowledge used for long times by fishers in the municipality, such as Charles’ grandfather. Even missing advanced equipment, they pioneered the nearly 50 lakes in the municipality seeking out the pirarucu and other species that could feed their families. The lack of organization and control on fishery caused a significant drop in fish populations in the region, interfering on productivity and quality of life of fishers and residents.

“With fish management our pirarucus increased in number and size. We know we have the biggest fish in Acre which can reach up to 3m and over 100kg. Much bigger than those of other municipalities in the Amazon that have no collective agreements”, he celebrates.