Among others, a good leader must have leadership, initative and team spirit. An individual who had these features and knew how to use them on behalf of his community was the tourism guide Luis Carlos de Albuquerque Menezes, 53 years old.

Luis was born and raised in Barra de São Manoel – a small community in the municipality of Apuí, to the south of the Amazonas – and became one of the major leaderships in the community, helping to bring lots of benefits to it. He was elected six times to Head of the Residents’ Association, and did not continue just because at a given moment he decided to withdraw. Ten years ago he brought the first power generator to Barra which, up to then, had only lamps.

“Build our association was very hard in the beginning. People believed it would be worthless, a project that just wouldn’t work. Fortunately that changed and many people ended up adhering to our idea” he says. “There were some people that thought that community tourism was a project that wouldn’t work.